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Is Property the Darling Investment it once was?

There is a long held notion that if you leverage property (borrow other people’s money) it’s a winning investment.  How does leverage work? Here’s a simple example: Purchase price of property $500,000 You borrow $400,000 at current rates of approx. 7% Your deposit $100,000 Growth over 1 year of 8.6% (long term average return on […]

Losing the home

If you asked most people what they would do to keep their home if they lost their job, they would tell you anything. They would get in boarders, rent it out, get a second or third job. “You name it, I’ll do it”, we hear. Banks know this and that’s why they are happier to […]

Job worries increase – By Independent Economist Tony Alexander 

In the middle of last year an upturn in the housing market got underway and we saw a rise in my reading of FOMO gleaned from the monthly survey of real estate agents I undertake with NZHL. Average house prices began rising after a year and a half of going down following the late-2021 credit […]

First Home Buyer Seminars 2024

In April we will be running in-person First Home Buyer seminars in Whakatane and Wellington.  Key topics to be discussed include options for purchasing with a 5% deposit, how to use your Kiwisaver to buy a house, and what the lenders are looking for.  We will have a range of experts attending, providing information and advice.  […]

The unpredictability of predictions

How do we know what to expect from the future?  You can look at history and predict an outcome from there.  You can draw on lots of different perspectives, gain opinions from different types of people, to get a wide range of possibilities.  Will this lead you to an accurate prediction of the future?  What […]

What is shared ownership?

People are quick to forget.  In 2021 interest rates were at record lows and house prices were surging.  Interest rates are higher now, not as high as they have been, but, certainly higher.  We’ve seen property prices drop as a result.  Commentators are now saying interest rates may have peaked and may be heading down […]

Positive signals for 2024

This will be our last newsletter for 2023 and we’d like to sign off with some positive news to lead into 2024.  We will be taking a couple of weeks off, from December 22nd, back on January 8th 2024. There have been some positive signals for investors and borrowers recently.  Let’s start with one that […]

A Cure for Alzheimer’s You say?

When it comes to investing, most of us focus on returns and how it will help us with our choices in retirement.  Our job as professionals is to assist you with strategies to achieve that. Your money is invested into many assets across New Zealand and the globe, providing you with diversification, spreading the risk […]

House price positives now even stronger

Now that we know the result of the general election, we can all incorporate the slow restoration of interest expense deductibility by mid-2026 into our thoughts about where the housing market is headed. Clearly, the improving cash flow situation for investors will dissuade some from selling and encourage others to look at buying. Their willingness to […]

Riding the Rollercoaster

I recently heard a great analogy.  Investing is like riding a roller coaster.  There is the feeling of euphoria when hitting the heights, the fear of the falling, the nausea of reaching the bottom and the relief when your carriage starts to climb again, only to do it all over again.  Investing is similar with the […]