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Building a new home? Here’s what you need to know, and how we can help

The first thing you need to work out before you get stuck into the building process, is how much you can afford. We can help you with this.

Then it’s time to work out which type of construction loan best suits your situation.

A Turn Key loan

This is a single fixed price contract that gives you a completed property.  You pay a deposit, the builder completes the property, and you pay for the rest when the property is complete and the title has been issued.  The property is ready to live in, including major landscaping, driveways and pathways and interior decorating.  You know right from the beginning how much your build is going to cost.  The minimum deposit required is usually 10%.

Fixed price

You pay a deposit, then you pay in scheduled intervals (such as slab down, roof on).  Your building contract will set out a payment schedule.

Labour only

You manage the project, there is no fixed contract, there is no fixed schedule of payments. You pay as you go for materials and labour.

Relocatable houses

You purchase a house that has been removed from a section, with the idea of putting it onto a section that you have purchased.

Not matter how you choose to build your home, you should allow for cost overruns.

Time spent planning, researching, looking at materials, ideas, designs & designers will save you time and money later.

A builder or designer will be able to give you a rough idea of the square meter cost of building your home.  The design of the house, and the materials you use will effect the cost.  They should be able to work with you, within your budget, to come up with a house that you are happy with.  A good relationship with your builder will help make the whole process run much more smoothly, and be a more enjoyable process.

You need to be prepared for the build to take longer than you think!  The weather, availability of builders and subcontractors, and availability of building supplies can throw you off schedule.

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