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Retired and want to free up your finances? We can help with a reverse equity mortgage.

If you’re retired and don’t have a large superannuation, you may be looking for other sources of funding to help maintain your lifestyle.

A reverse equity mortgage lets you borrow funds using your home as security.  You won’t be required to make regular repayments, but must have plenty of equity in your home.  The interest accrues and is paid when the house is sold.

Reverse mortgages are not ideal for everyone, or in every situation.  And you need to consider whether you really need the money.  We can explain the ins and out of this loan, as well as talking you through the other options out there.

If you haven’t been in business for two years, or if you don’t have accountant-prepared financials, there are other options. In this case, a low doc loan could be the right solution. But you should be aware that pricing and credit criteria vary between lenders. Talk to us about your situation and we can let you know what’s right for you.

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